TJ -47 Argan Oil Black Mud Shampoo 380 ml


    Completely Natural Way To Care For Your Hair

    Aroma argan oil shampoo protects the hair from damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Damaged hair is steadily restored to a healthier state with continuous usage .

    It also reduces frizz and enhances the shine and luster of your hair. Protection from UV rays and limiting the damage caused by pollutants and particulate matter are more reasons why argan oil shampoo is the best choice for your hair.

    Argan oil is known as liquid gold that is rich in fatty acids and anti-oxidants that lubricates the hair shaft and helps to maintain moisture. The black mud helps in preventing hair loss. Calcium is one of the essential mineral that is found in the black mud that helps in restoring hair health and gives shiny hair. Cocomide dea, chamomile recutita extracts, benzonic acid, sorbic acid, citric acid, and argan oil together provides a glowing appearance to the hair and will also prevent from damage and hair loss.


    ✔️ Moisturizes hair
    ✔️ Protects from UV damage
    ✔️ Protect from heat styling
    ✔️ Lubricates hair
    ✔️ Prevents hair loss


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