Therapeutic Anti Dandruff and Hair Loss Black Mud Shampoo 380 ml TJ45


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Perfect Solution For Hair Loss | Get Smooth, Dandruff Free Scalp In No Time.
Aroma Dead Sea’s black mud shampoo gently cleans and hydrates the hair while maintaining its volume and shine. Concentrated with Dead Sea minerals, this shampoo revitalizes the scalp and roots, and ultimately leads to hair that’s both healthy and easily managed. Though perfect for all hair types, this shampoo was created specifically for the treatment of conditions that affect both the hair and scalp, such as dandruff and hair loss.


✔️ Stimulates Hair Growth.
✔️ Restores Strength and Elasticity.
✔️ Improves Hair Texture.
✔️ Gives your hair a Lustrous Shine.
✔️ Protects from harmful weather conditions.


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