Soapless Face Cleanser with Obliphicha, Chamomile & Vitamin E


    250ml / 8.4 Fl.OZ

    Deep cleansing is the key to healthy and well cared facial skin. The Soapless Face Cleanser with Obliphicha (Sea Buckthorn) oil gently removes dead skin cells, dirt and make-up residue, smoothes and softens the skin texture, leaving it fresh and relaxed. It is a gentle, foamy soapless soap with PH 5.5 acidity, based on relaxing ingredients such as Propolis extract, Chamomile, Olive oil, Dead Sea minerals, Vitamin E and Obliphicha (Sea Buckthorn) oil for moisture, reducing redness and assisting with skin regeneration.

    Suitable for daily use for all skin types.


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