Perfumed Keratin Hair Spray (Hydrating & Glossing)


$15.00 $20.00

    200ml / 6.76 Fl.oz

    Keratin is a substance that coats the hair shaft and thus closes split ends and creates a protective external coating that surrounds and smooths the hair. Summer sun, chlorine, chemicals and salts cause dry hair that lacks gloss and vitality. The Keratin Hair Spray intended for the final stage of hair design is particularly suitable for Smoothed or dyed hair with split ends. The spray neutralizes static electricity and grants the hair with an amazing gloss and a wonderful scent. Enriched with Vitamin E, keratin and Argan, Macadamia, sea buckthorn, jojoba and flax oils. Recommended for every woman.

    Suitable for all hair types.


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