Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum


    50ml / 1.76 Fl.oz

    Air pollution, smoking, malnutrition and hormonal changes, damage the skin and makes its appearance seem tired and lacking elasticity. In these causes, one of the best and revolutionary serums was made. The serum covers the skin with a cocktail of pure beauty, containing a complex of vitamins, to nourish the skin giving it the stretched effect and solidity.

    Vitamin A: Improves the appearance and smoothens wrinkles by maintaining a homogenous texture.

    Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, depressing skin aging by neutralizing free radicals & lowering sun ray damages.

    Vitamin C: A leading anti-aging factor, providing a brightening effect. It treats sun damages and spots on the skin.

    Vitamin B5: Amplifies skin humidity & flexibility.

    The serum is rich with plants extracts: Carrot oil, Olive oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rose Hip oil, essential fatty acids Omega 3&6 and active minerals of the Dead Sea. This unique combination of the different factors gives the skin a cover of moisture, elasticity and a shiny appearance.

    Recommended for use by women over age 25. For all skin types.


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