Moroccan Oil (Argan Oil) Hair Serum 100 ml


    The Moroccan Elixr!

    The Moroccan oil hair serum is an old age beauty secret that manages dull, dry and unruly hair. The hair serum not only provides intense moisture to dry and unmanageable hair but also helps to tame it to the perfection.

    The hair serum promises to give deep nourishment to hair shafts and prevents premature greying of hair. It makes hair stronger and healthier. It is a non-greasy serum for frizzy hair which de-tangles them easily. The serum gives smoother, silkier and glossier finish. It’s an elixir of smoothness of dry and damaged hair!


    ✔️Works for dry, dull and damaged hair
    ✔️Manageable hair
    ✔️Nourishes hair
    ✔️De-tangles hair
    ✔️Fights hair problems
    ✔️Soft and smooth hair texture


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