Moisturizer & Nourishing Carrot Cream


$20.00 $25.00

    50ml / 1.76 Fl.oz

    A powerful moisturizing and nourishing cream based on natural ingredients for facial skin regeneration. The Moisturizer & Nourishing Carrot cream is made of a unique and innovative formula which dramatically improves the level of the skin’s solidification and texture. It is enriched with Carrot oil which is highly recommended for skin treatment due to its ability to improve and regenerate the skin’s flexibility and elasticity. The cream is also enriched with vitamins E+C, Sea Buckthorn oil, Pomegranate extract, Rose Hip oil, Chamomile, essential oil acids Omega 3 & 6, sunscreens, Dead Sea minerals and Beta-Carotene which helps to protect the skin against oxidation damages from smoke, sun and air pollution.
    Suitable for all types of skin.


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