Essential Anti Wrinkle Pigment Restoring Cream With Vitamin C


    Vitamin C rich skin care product for reducing dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Helps in evening out skin tone and improves complexion.

    Treat yourself by adding our anti- wrinkle cream in your skin care regime. This cream will revive your dull-lifeless skin and transform it into younger looking skin with continuous. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

    It’s a multi- action moisturization cream containing vitamin C, UV radiation filters, aloe-vera extracts, chamomile extracts, shea butter and dead sea minerals. It helps to make skin look taut and fuller.

    ✔️Cleanses skin
    ✔️Relieves irritation
    ✔️Soft and supple skin
    ✔️Gentle exfoliation
    ✔️Removes dead cells
    ✔️Instant brightening
    ✔️Promotes natural skin renewal
    ✔️Reduces wrinkles


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